watches...gone the way of the dinosaurs? May 14 2011

 Pants: American Apparel, Sweater: Clothing Swap, Watch: Winners, Necklace: You've Got Hattitude

Have watches gone the way of the dinosaur? Have they become extinct? I read a newspaper article the other week about how 11 year olds now think watches are "cool" and "novel" , since they're the age of the cell phone. Although at 23 years, I'm just as guilty. I used to pull out my cell phone to get the time. It got to the point though where I was asking others A LOT for what the time was, and having them rifle through their pant pockets or purse for their electronic that I didn't have to go through that mission, sorry friends for using you for the time. After reading that article I went out and bought myself a watch. A cool space age inspired watch? maybe? 

Problem: I got over zealous and... it's not the most comfortable watch in the world. It gives my wrist bone a bruise. I guess I have pointy wrist bones? and so now it's just become an accessory...what we don't do for fashion right? Still have to find a comfortable, being the key word, watch.