gettin' my blog on May 13 2011

Today really did prove to be unlucky, friday the 1 to the 3. Blogger had been shut down for a day or two! Oy
Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have a cold and some really bad ear aches, which makes for typing and regular photo snapping a chore, instead of it's usual awesomeness. So alas I waited till I was well to get my blog on again.
This is my friend Katie
This is my friend Katie. Her style is really unique, and quite different from mine so I had to snap a photo of her hippie, bohemian, groovin' ways. She just got back from Peru, and I was uber excited to see her. 

Last weekend she also scored a bunch of us, some tickets to the hillside festival in Guelph this summer summer. Has anyone ever been? It is the best thing of life. 

Hillside is a magical realm where you can disappear, wear bare feet, dance (naked if you so were inclined, some actually do!) in the sun, listen to amazing, stellar, fantastical muscians under the green grass stages...but perhaps best of all is their corn on the cob bbq style...if you've been to hillside, you all know what i'm talkin' about...mmmmh

I have not been in a few years, and I cannot wait to go this year. They always have the most epic bands, the best people, and most charming atmosphere. Hillside 2011, here we come