how to run a clothing swap April 27 2011

How to Run a Clothing swap 

1. Find a place to have the clothing swap
2. Get some clothing racks (we had three) 
3. Everyone hangs up their clothing, without the others knowing who's what
4. For as many pieces of clothing you brought, thats how many tags you got to write your name on
5. Everyone goes browsing. 
6. After browsing, everyone goes around with their allotted tags and places them on the clothing (we pierced them through the hangers) that they wish to take (jenny had a rating system, 3 star meant you REALLY wanted it)  
7. After the tag placing is done, if no one else has put tag on the item, it's automatically yours, but if there is more then one tag, you all try it on and the others vote on who it looks best on, or fits the best, etc (it usually always works out) 
8. IMPORTANT --- make sure you have a TON of hangers...they're key

Swaps are awesome, since you get new goodies and spring clean your closet!  

Jenny was the total winner of the night, with 43 new items. Score

Have you guys ever hosted a swap? How did you do yours?