1,2,3....strikes your out, at the ol' ball game! April 23 2011

At the national washington baseball game 
waiting to buy tickets. popular
go nats go
wouldn't you rather be at a baseball game in the sun, and grass on a Sunday....
my cousin (my adopted big sis) showin' me the ropes of DC
the beautiful green field and blue sky...mother nature get to Toronto already...
 It's April 23rd, and finally just today we are starting to get some warm weather in Toronto, (the photos above were taken from my DC trip last week) with a fair degree of 21, maybe, just maybe mother nature has decided to give us Torontonians a Spring after all...but with the weather we've been having, (snow last weekend) it's still not safe to say.

Dancing is on the agenda tonight. Salsa? Tango?...or the good ol' fashion waltz? Oy. I wish! I have no clue how to do any of those, and any attempts at salsa dancing in the past have lead to a not so graceful leave from the dance floor.

A purple highwaisted flowy skirt is on the fore front for today? Oui.

I'd much rather be back in DC at the baseball game outside with the sun shining on my face picking wild flowers along the sidewalk...I heard it's 27 degrees down there...seriously? blargh. I'm beginning to forget what summer and heat is like! Today is such a weather tease!