finding the perfect outfit is never an easy task April 21 2011

Things I learned in Washington DC...
1. having your cousin/basically sister there to help you pick out your outfit for a night out...
does not make things easier (hence the disaster bedroom above)

2. Guys from Georgia are southern gentlemen

3. America is the land of EVERYTHING from vanilla iced donuts (I've searched far and wide NO one has them anymore in Canada only sprinkled vanilla donuts) to ice cream that is shaped like tiny pebbles

4. Canadian stereotype of always liking maple syrup on things... was proven true this vacation ha

5. Listening and talking about American's different accents never seems to get old 
Americans say "eh snowman"...instead of "Ah snowman" they say "eh" instead of "ah" when saying "a snowman"

Most important
6. You should Always pack a sewing kit with you if you plan on travelling with vintage clothing...
(I learned this the hard way..lost a few buttons and had a few holes)