washington...your national [not mine] capital beckons you April 19 2011

My First day in Washington, was deemed The awesomeness day. As the first drink I ordered, (legally in the states since I had not been back since I reached 21 [two and half years over due...]) was called 'the awesomeness'...and chya...the name did it justice. Friggin drink blew my mind...as well as the whole week. Thus we needed to dub the week with the nickname "week of awesomeness"...yes we realize how original we are.

Can you get over these flowers? Washington DC actually has a spring. I was in heaven. My soul was so euphoric the whole 5 days. 
Shorts: Gift 
Shirt: Thrfited, Chez Thrift
Sweater: Hannah's Closet
Tights: Winners
Necklace: You've Got Hattitude Jewellery 

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