Daffodils are out! April 14 2011

 I made it to DC. Took these photos the day before I left, while I was packing all my awesomely wonderful spring 20 degree weather outfits! Washington actually has green grass and green on the trees in areas, and the daffodils are out all along the hwy! Washington really is such a pretty city. I have yet to see the cherry blossoms, that's on tomorrows agenda!

I'm here for five days. Any one know any indie concerts in DC happening? I know Pepper Rabbit http://www.myspace.com/pepperrabbit were playing in DC a few weeks ago...If you have not heard them, check them out! They're great. (Don't hold it against them that they are the song for the McDonalds commercial ha!) Older brother song is a fav. 



Loafers: walking on a cloud
Leggings: Winners
Dress: Thrifted, Sally Ann
Cardigan: H & M
Scarf: Thrifted

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