Fashion Fades, Style is Eternal April 07 2011

Dress: Chez thrift in Bolton 
Belt: Chez thrift in Bolton
Sweater: Tommy Hilfiger 
Vest fabric: Winners
Watch, Bracelets, Bangle: New York city, You've Got Hattitude Jewellery, thrifted
Rings: How we grow in Orangeville, and flea market
Necklace: You've Got Hattitude Jewellery. Click here to view and purchase the jewellery online

I like my cowboy boots, like I like my friends. Chic, babe, comfy, and ready to kick some butt.

But seriously...
I cannot stop wearing these boots, even though they are a size too big for me, they were in my mamasieta's closet. My solution: go to shoe store, and get inserts. The outcome; they are so much more comfortable! walked for hours today in them!

Did anyone see Modern Family last night? I have it PVR'ed so I will have to watch it tonight. Totally crushing (in a non gross/creepy way) think phil is the cats fiddle. He's hilarious.

A friend in New Zealand shared this goodie of a song with me. It's just TOO good not to share with the blogospher. It is also a bunch of pure Canadian awesomeness rolled in to one song. He is from Bedouin Soundclash and she's uber adorable and from another band Couer de Pirate, from montreal. AWESOME. I think I have a hardcore girl crush on her she is super talented and pretty.