Le Printemps est venue...parfois? April 05 2011

Spring is coming...sometime?

Don't you just want to say in a french accent all day long "Coco Avant Chanel"...ah to speak the language of the french! (maybe any second language for that matter would do?)

Love the quote from Coco Chanel. Just saw the movie on her. What an icon and legend. Yes I took a break from my 'brothers and sisters' marathon to watch a movie last night.

This is my attempt at spring. Floral tube top...which is actually a mini skirt (obviously looked horrendous stretched across my stomach, thighs and butt) but I think it looks pretty spectacular as a spring floral top!

Did I mention I'm wearing my wool tights AND shorts? .....Cause I most definitely am.

What the fraggle rock? Seriously?  It is still SO cold here in Toronto. Tomorrow's temperature 7 degrees...and some snow and rain mix. I'm sorry, is it not April 5th today? We are suppose to be getting spring flowers, not busting out our winter jackets again because we're gonna have some snow.

SUMMER where are you? In washington? (I HOPE so) I'm heading there in two weeks time to visit my cousin. I hope the cherry blossoms are still in bloom!

Shrug: Thrifted
Shirt: Skirt turned shirt from Chez Thrift
Shorts: Preloved on Queen 
Necklace; Gorgeous Button Baby collection of You've Got Hattitude

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