LGFW April 03 2011

Winning feels good. So when I won tickets to a fashion show in Toronto during fashion week. It felt good. Going to a fashion show and eating like crazy afterwards so I don't look like the models up on the runway because they look like little twigs with pointy knobs (bones) sticking out in weird positions all over, that if I blew on them, they would crumble in to dust....does not feel good.
They had this booth set up at the show...but seriously come on? What about 'everyone needs a malibu stacy'? not EVERYONE needs a ken, some people might want a malibu stacey.
And when did Ken and Barbie ever break up? Back together again? They are the iconic couple, how did I miss them splitting up?

some clothing line, incorporating vacuums, perhaps advocating that you can clean in their clothes as well as go out on date night?

Trying to snap a photo

trying to snap photos of her, she was my favourite dressed

Women in their older years, adore fashion too

Fashion week

My partner in crime

Jewellery Designer...
The Fashion show was weird. I had no idea models were THAT skinny. It did not make me want to buy those clothes....because I do NOT want to look like those models.  I like my bones under my skin where no one can see them...no popping out at weird angles because I have zero fat to cover anything up. I thought we got out of the age where models had to be super thin? Maybe it was just the show I was at?

13 awesome killer ladies and me are planning our 2nd annual Fashion Show fundraising event. Our show was out of this world last year (we raised over $40,000)...and this year stands to be even better.

We were hoping to catch some inspiration from the fashion show ...maybe there was another venue, but I found the whole experience rather odd. The models were extremely thin, the atmosphere cavernous and echoy, and the seats uncomfortable on my boney butt. ha