If only Hearts could be made to Order... March 30 2011

If only a heart could be made to order...the world might be a bit less lonely. 
Here's a necklace to cheer even the most broken hearted up. 

Trying something new. Going to post a photo of me (the jewellery designer) wearing the Hattitude (the one-of-a-kind necklace or bracelet) Click here to visit the site. 

Here an outfit is featured and you can see how I would rock the jewellery, (although I realize everyone's style is not mine, just a plain white t-shirt and jeans with this necklace works like a charm every time!) 

This necklace is called "Hearts to Order". It is a one-of-a-kind necklace. Designed using vintage and new beads. It has an old pin with a sterling silver heart hanging down, as well as part of an antique necklace that has 3 baby roses attached to it. Click here to visit the site.     

i LOVE these tights
Don't you love the baby pink, the light grey and the soft pattern of birds in flight on this bow hair clip!
hair pieces so hot right now. must acquire more.  
New necklace available online at my website. 

Bow: On the Verge store in Guelph
Shirt: Winners
Tights: Meow vintage store in Guelph
Skirt: Vintage from Meow in Guelph then altered
Belt: Mom's closet
Rings: fea market and 16th birthday present
Bracelet: Available Bracelet online. 'Pink Diamond' bracelet for $36.00 by clicking here.
Necklace: Available online. "Hearts to Order" necklace online by clicking here.

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