wild in the jungle March 26 2011

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My favourite animal is probably cats. 
Tribute to the Cheetah's in my life. Roar.

Jungle cats.
When I was younger, I used to go to a zoo where you could stand so close to the cage, about 10 feet from the lions, tigers, cheetahs and jaguars. My favourite memories, beside the cotton candy machines, the talking parrots on your shoulder, the ginormous butter milk snakes trainers trying to get you to hold them (are they NUTS), was hands down funniest memory when my brother got PEED on through the fence by a TIGER.

The tiger thought he was a threat to her cubs (he was like 8 at the time....real scary tough 8 year old though! :S oy) It was like a fire hose had been turned on and shot out the fence. Pee Spray everywhere. It was a smelly rest of the zoo walk, and an even smellier ride home.

Sweater: Preloved store on Queen st.
Top: Lace creme top from winners
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Shoes: Thrifted, Chez thrift
Rings: Pawn shop on Church st, Chez Thrift and big brown one from Barbados
Belt: Mattawa little hole in the wall woman's store
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