Purse a wiki what what? March 25 2011

 It's a shoe, it's a dress.....no....it's just your average girl with a beautiful....purse?

Inside. Carrying my new laptop

It's a shoe, it's a dress....no....it's just your average girl with a beautiful....purse?

Wrong again...it's a girl with a lap top carrying case.

Awesome sauce eh?
But what makes the sauce so awesome you may ask?

That a brand new 15 inch macbook pro fits inside this lovely case. She came in the mail today. She is a beaut. She looks stunningly gorgeous inside, beside, upside down, turned around, anyway with this laptop bag.

The pleasure I am getting from having a new computer (My mac computer of 6 years called it quits on me) is almost as good as stumbling across a piece of old jewellery and getting a jolt of "wow this is fabulous and needs to worn today." oh my goodness. I. am. ecstatic.

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