baby it's cold outside... March 24 2011

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Absolutely frigid again today, but the sun could not be brighter!
Sitting in the apartment cranking up the shoddy gas fireplace, that probably will have to be replaced next winter! There is still snow, and it's still freezing so alas. I bundled up...wool wool wool and more wool.  Feel a little like a sheep... but hopefully a well dressed sheep ha 
Elizabeth Taylor died yesterday. I listened to a lot about her on the radio and think I might pick up her autobiography. Married 8 times? That alone could be a book, let alone all the other conundrums and antidotes in her life

 I didn't even make myself a hot chocolate to enjoy the snowed in day. Oy. What was I thinking? What else did we used to do as little children on snow days. Build forts in the snow? 
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This sweater is a savour. So toasty warm.
My cowboy unfortunately it did not come with a cowboy
My seed ring from Barbados, made by women who are single mothers. It's beautifully carved and so smooth.

Sweater: 69 vintage in Toronto
High waisted Jeans: cheap mondays
Shoes: vintage, Chez Thrift
Ring: Barbados
Hat: One-of-a-kind, a craft show in Guelph
Belt: My mothers closet
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