The thrill of the hunt...vintage hunting that is March 23 2011

OY! no Glee last night. Re-run. Now I do love Gwenth Paltrow so I guess I shall let it slide, since she is so ridiuclously fabulous, and it would be a crime NOT to re-run that episode. 
I'm now on to Brothers and Sisters season 4...not sure I am not as smitten with this season as I was the other three. 
Perhaps the best part about yesterday though was the most fantastic thrift store expierence. It had been awhile since I went through a thrift store, smelling the stale smell, and beginning the rummaging. The thrill of the hunt coercing through your veins as you scour over the racks and racks of unwanted articles until you come to the most perfect little piece of awesomeness that just has to be yours. All this, just like riding a bike. Thrift Store hunting 101. It felt good to be back at it.  

 What's your favourite thing about thrift store hunting?
As I get home yesterday evening, I learn that we are suppose to get SNOW. I woke up this morning to a friggin' WINTER wonderland. It was a snow day at the schools. Yes that's right I actually typed those words. 
Question. Does the weather god not know that I just went and bought SO many cute new spring and floral print dresses skirts and shirts that need to be worn? blargh. Guess not....

Shirt/blouse: CTS (Canadian Thrift Store) 
Cardigan: H & M
Pants: Riding leggings from American Apparel 
Loafers: Walking on a Cloud shoes
Bracelet: You've Got Hattitude Jewellery and bangle from Meow in Guelph 
Necklace: You've Got Hattitude best friends necklace with my soul sister. Click here to visit my one-of-a-kind jewellery website