First Wedding of 2011 photos are in! March 20 2011

Brides, Babes, Weddings, White....Magical. 

My first wedding of 2011 photos are in. 
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I designed this young woman's necklace, earrings, and bracelet for her special day. 

She got married in Mexico, so she asked for something unique, boho, turquoise, green and beachy. 

This is actually my first bride that I have outfitted with accessories. I've done a number of bridesmaid parties. 

Always designing a bridesmaid, never a bride (ha)

 I have another wedding this summer and am outfitting the bridesmaids. I've begun searching for the perfect vintage brooches to incorporate into the pieces for the 'maids to wear.  

I LOVE designing for weddings, proms and special events because it means I get to see the outfit first, have a vision and make it happen! 

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Beautiful Danneille! 

the necklace had seahorse, seashell and a vintage heart for her LOVE day

Here's a snap shot of the bracelet. Gosh what a babe of a bride. So beautiful. 

All Smiles

The bracelet had vintage earrings, new stones, and a sea horse hanging from it
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If you want something, old, something new, and something blue in the piece of jewellery, works great! 
You can even 'borrow' your grandmothers old brooch and have the necklace designed around the brooch, pin or earring. 

Make your day that much more special by wearing a family heirloom in a gorgeous modern necklace, specifically designed for your dress. 

Give a gift to your bridesmaids and let them enjoy a beautiful one-of-a-kind necklace on your day. It'll look great in photos and they'll be able to wear the pieces of jewellery forever after your LOVE day. 

Makes a great gift to give them for when they walk down the aisle at your wedding. 

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