Sppppppprinnngsummer. March 20 2011

 First Day of Spring! Suck it winter.

In honour of Spring, even though the ground is grey, the sky is grey...the world is dead (just starting to come alive again now). I thought I would wear turquoise to get me in the mood to see the flowers sprouting out of the ground. Also first time I wore these white pants since september probably. Nice they a. still fit, and b. makes me feel light and airy and SPRINGY

Today's mission after I get home from errands (I am on a mission to find the perfect piece of vintage jewellery to incorporate in to a birthday Hattitude jewellery piece gift), while I'm still at my parents home: check out the Garden after the long winter and see if any buds are up!

Turquoise. Barbados Ocean. My Fav. 
This is probably one of the only times you will see me in heels...if you can even call these low heels. 

Can you tell I have a real thing for bows?

You've Got Hattitude Jewellery

When one has a collar, one must always pop that collar.

Wearing My lungs ring again. The Watch is a one of a kind. It stopped working and no watch maker seems to be able to put a new battery in it, but I still rock it. Accessorize right?
Jeans: American Eagle (I think the second thing that I own from there)
Dress/Vest: Vintage, from Meow in Guelph
Bracelet: Pearl, gift - Turquoise, Barbados - Watch, One-of-a-kind craft show (is anyone going next week to the Spring one?)
Ring: Pawn Shop near St. Michaels Hospital
Necklace: You've Got Hattitude Jewellery 

I hand design my own jewellery pieces and have a collection for sale on my website. Click Here. They are all one-of-a-kind and made out of old antique, vintage and new materials.