Saturday Night....I like the Way you Move March 19 2011

It's saturday, so I put this oldy but a goody tune on the ol' speakers while I edited these photos, "Saturday Night" by Whigfield. I'm at my parents house for the weekend. So "Downtown" by Petula Clark didn't seem appropriate. 

I am missing the city. My car stalled last night when I went grocery shopping...not cool. In the city no need for a car...thank you public transportation. I dislike driving with a passion almost equivalent to my love for accessories. If you know me at all...That's saying something! 

Saturday night, I feel the air
Is getting hot

heading out...yellow scarf in tow

I wore out a grey blazer jacket so don't worry,
the scarf totally appropriate

 Like you baby
I'll make you mine you know

 I'll take you to the top
I'll drive you crazy
Glasses give the illusion that sometimes you might know what you are talking about

Bracelets and rings are key to any outfit
 Saturday night, dance, I like
The way you move

buttons down the fav
 Pretty baby
It's party time and not one

 Minute we can lose
Be my baby

bows are neat, wacky, creative and above all 
Flats...comfy = ideal

soon there will be blooms!

It's spring...should probably start the ol' sewing machine up again

Saturday night, I feel the air
Is getting hot (Great Song) 

Cardigan: Hannah's Closet in Erin 
Flats: Guelph store??
Tights: The Bay 
Dress: One is a velvet dress cut off now to knee length, the second is  vintage lingerie? put over top both from Chez Thrift 
Hair Bow: Meow in Guelph
Necklace & Bracelet: You've Got Hattitude Jewellery
The jewellery that I hand design. Take a look at my site by clicking here 
Ring: I received a double lung transplant last summer, I dragged my oxygen to the pawn shop down the street and purchased this ring 3 days before I got the call that saved my looks like two lungs :)