Peace of Mind February 28 2011

Do You remember the tree by the river....New Iron and Wine album is out. Perfect for listening to on a 'spring is in the air' walk this afternoon. It's getting warmer. The sun was BEAMING today. I went for a walk, and had to stop at a store to purchase some sunglasses....I was wearing a red coat, so of course I accidentally bought red sun glasses, since that is what I happened to be wearing... 

Spring can't be too far away. 
My dress from the Preloved sample warehouse sale

In retrospect I should have probably ironed this baby

Hattitude necklace 

Such a warm dress. Made out of old recycled fabrics and sweaters

sometimes the medic alert bracelet gets in the way of a fashion statement 

Dress: Preloved store in Toronto
Bracelets: Lilth on Queen st., Hattitude jewellery and thrifted and mom's old pieces
Earrings: Vintage
Necklace: You've Got Hattiude Jewellery. Get a similar piece by clicking here.