Golden Eye February 22 2011

I love this outfit. I think it is so geeky chic. 
The sexy nerd is back in style? I like to think so. 

I got a new prescription for my eyes, since they changed a fair bit since my double lung transplant. I got these new glasses.

I like the glasses because they are really BIG so when I wear them I don't see the frame, much less annoying then my other glasses, where the frames are always in my face. Most of the time you will catch me in contacts. 

I really like this necklace. The little bow tie is SO cute. A perfect androgynous piece mixed with a heart...sigh. perfect (but I might be biased, being the designer and all) 

Dress: Vintage
Over Lace: Chez Thirft
Necklace: You've Got Hattitude Jewellery Circa 2010
Bracelet on left hand: Hattitude Jewellery 
Ring: Guelph Artisan Show
Bangles: My mother's closet and Thrift Stores
Belt: Preloved Store in Toronto on Queen
Sweater: ......?
Shoes: Chez Thrift