Little Red...Riding Hood. February 21 2011

Here's me on a lazy Saturday afternoon going to visit a friend and her and his one week old baby boy. So please excuse the lack of...mmh "pulled togetherness" in the face and hair area shall we say haha.

Baby Boy GG is what I call him.He was so incredibly precious. I was in awe of him. Most newborns, I'm not so much a fan of the way they look, all wrinkly, red and well...ugly, but this little fella, oh he was a gem. Perfect.

He looked like a c-section baby, just beautiful for being only 6 days old! I'm so excited and in awe that she grew this child, this tiny human inside of her from a nothing and now he's finally here, (if you think about it long enough, it kind of freaks me's very alien the whole pregnancy thing? no?) and now every time I go over there, he will always be there! It's truly an awesome.

Also please note the AMAZING bag to the right hand side. J'adore. I got it at the preloved ware house sale this January. I'll take some photos of it, and feature it in it's own special post, since it's so magnificent. Preloved is amazing. Everything made out of recycled, sweaters, curtains, sheets, clothes. They are one of my favourite Stores in Toronto.

Leggings: The Bay
Sweater: P.E.I. thrift Store, from a friend
Dress: Preloved Store
Necklace: Gift from a friend, Bought in India, from Tibet (an amazing artifact of a jewellery and probably THE only piece of jewellery I wear that is not my own creation. Click here to check out my hand designed one-of-a-kind vintage recycled jewellery)

Here I switch it up, for a night out on the town.

A little more fun...from day wear to dynamite (hat) wear

Also the hat perhaps is one of the most fascinating pieces in my wardrobe. I love fantasizing about the history of it's origins.

It's from the 60's and a store called Cabaret on Queen st. I love Cabaret on Queen, click here to check out their store. They are fabulous. Go in to the store just for the experience of Tao the owner.

I was originally buying this hat for high tea for my 23rd birthday in December. I had one day to get a hat for the occasion, and I walked all the way to his store, knowing full well I would be in Hat heaven as soon as I landed inside his doorstep.

I blustered through the rain sleet and snow to stand a knockin' on his door step and he was JUST closing to my utter dismay.

I rapidly knocked on the window, put on a sad pout. After I told him my dilemma of finding the perfect hat for the perfect day at high tea, he quickly insisted I come in out of the cold, and find the most fabulous hat in the store.

It did not hurt that the vintage hats were 50% off. After I paid and chatted with him for a bit, he gave me a hug, wished me luck and a wonderful birthday and locked up his doors for the evening. Wonderful Man, go JUST to meet him.

Dress: Preloved Store
Tights: The Bay
Necklace: Tibet
Hat: Cabaret