53 Grammy awards February 18 2011

Last Sunday was the Grammy awards. I love that awards show almost as much as I love the Oscars. As a drama major in highschool (oh so many years ago) the Oscars will always have a special place in my heart. Although music seems to feed my soul these days.

Lady Gaga...HILLARIOUS woman. She showed up on the red carpet in an egg...an EGG...a freakin' egg! bahah being carried by these "greek" almost dressed in the nude 'pall bearers'. It was insane, then she starts kissing the inside of the egg, making a spectacle.

This is her last year....and this is her in her egg this year.

She is one wild woman, but I'm kind of in love with out outrageous she is.

Also Jennifer Hudson looks amazing with all the weight she has lost. She looks so healthy and happy. She was on Ellen this week, and her little boy of 18months is so uber cute. As for the Grammys I wonder why she chose the shoes she did when she sang the Aretha Franklin tribute...she could barely walk in them. I still have yet to master any height of high heels. Too wobbly for me. She did not seem completely comfortable in them.

She kind of has the whole Xena Warrior Princess feeling going on.

I loved Jennifer Lopez's dress. It was stunning.
Check out Rihanna's dress though! Scandalous and sorta ugly?...not a fan.
One of my favourite dresses of the night. Selena Gomez. Who apparently is dating Justin Bieber. Canadian! woo. She was not pleased it seemed when the announcer made a commment to her, about dating Bieber. She gave a little smirk, like not impressed.

But she was sure dressed to impressed.