Weddings February 15 2011

Weddings are lovely.
It's amazing that two people can find each other in this crazy world and actually think, you know what, yes I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to wake up every day and be with you. You're my best friend. I love you. Let's tell the world you're mine and I'm yours. Let's get married.

I did my first wedding of the year in 2011. The bride was Gorgeous and a real pleasure to work with. She loved all my creations and told me to just go for it.

We looked at her dress, which was divine, simple yet sexy. It looked like a little slice of heaven had fallen off and wrapped her up in the dresses fabric. Then I looked at her shoes, which were awesome gladiator style with stones embedded.

She had envisioned for her jewellery, boho chic, with turquoise and greens colours. Since she was getting married in Mexico, a beach theme was to be apparent in the jewellery. To reflect this woman's awesome attitude and beautiful exterior I put my thinking cap on and started designing. Gold chains, copper chains, square plates, seahorses, shells from florida, old vintage shell earrings, turquoise antique beads, with new limey green shells. From all this creative thinking, earrings a bracelet and a necklace were born.

Here are some shots of them. More photos of them on the beautiful bride are coming soon!