Nomination catch up. February 13 2011

I just saw True Grit. Ever since the Oscar nominations came out, I've only been watching (with the exception of Parks and Recreation, Modern Family, the Office and Glee....ha) the nominated films, which you can check out by clicking here. As for movies or rentals, nominated movies are only allowed to be rented or seen in theatre until after the awards ceremony.

Total thumbs up for True Grit. I think Jeff Bridges might have my vote on best actor. Not sure if it's worthy of my vote for best picture yet. I'm still workin' through the list. It was a really great story though, amazing acting and all around great film to sit and watch on a Friday afternoon.

I'm excited to see James Franco and Anne Hathaway host the Oscars. They have been doing some cute skits. It's the first time in a number of years, I think something like 40 years, that the person who is hosting the Oscars at the same time is nominated for an award. Come on James Franco! (although sorry, Bridges gets my vote this year I think)

This is the Oscar Party I threw last year with some of my girlfriends.
KC, Brit, and Tash do it up in fur shawls on our red carpet!
My Mom joins in on the fun.

no pictures, no pictures!

Kath and Cait make a statment as they walk on the red carpet. The entrance to the party.