Do it Yourself Design February 11 2011

I've been thinking up a "make and take" or "Do it Yourself Design" jewellery party. Where the jewellery party consists of you getting a chance to make your own necklace. Helping design the style, pick out the colours and beads and bringing or choosing what old brooch or earring you want included in your piece.
Hattitude at a home jewellery party the end of January. What a lovely afternoon.

I think it's a great idea. There would be three different stations and you'd have a pen and pad to write down your choices and then I would create the piece for you once you're done finished designing it yourself.

It'd be fun, a different way to have a jewellery party and best of all you'd get to design your own piece or bring your favourite old brooch to get re constructed into a piece of new jewellery.

It'd be a nice change from book club night. Having your girlfriends over for some wine and cheese and jewellery designing.