marco... polo January 26 2011

Designing, working, creating, pinching, pulling, prying....this bead, that clasp, this hook, that wire.

Over and over.

in my brain. in my fingers.

Valentines day is two and half weeks away.
Bitten by the love bug? Not this year?

My favourite thing about love day.
Getting together with my best friends and saying one thing we love best about each other.

Having frilly girly napkins with decorative plates. Drinking w
ine out of fancy goblets. Laughing at humourous antidotes for the evening.
Poking fun of old boyfriends. Reminiscing about old boyfriends.
Dreaming of new boys. Talking of present boys.
Introducing new men. Finding new men.

Blind dates. Real Dates. Fake Dates. True Dates.

Most of all perhaps I like designing jewellery for this time of year. I like picturing which boy or girl is going to purchase from the 'valentine day pretty' line.

What's their story?
What's their partner like? Blonde, Brunette? maybe a red head? Blue eyed, brown eyed, green eyed...throw a twist...maybe hazel eyed?
Are they fair skin, tanned skin, dark skinned? Are they short? or tall?