bargain. $5 ice figure skates. January 23 2011

I got a bargain deal. $5 for a pair of skates! It cost me more then that to sharpen them for the weekends festivities. Another whole $7.

It's been SO cold in Ontario these last few days. I went skating last night and it was the epitome of what Canadians are all about.
My neighbours have a farm, and this winter they have slaved away at making a rink in their field. They have created a homemade outdoor hockey rink, with a scoreboard made out of 2 by 4's, plywood and nails, flood lights, boards surrounding the rink, and a big old open farm land field.

Looking down rink, you saw the score net, the plywood sign, the flood lights illuminating the rink, reflections off the sparkle in the snow, snow flakes slowly fluttering softly down towards the ice, and 6 foot tall men, skating, pumping their legs up and down the rink shovelling the few inches of snow that accumulated within the first 15 minutes since we had last cleared the rink.
This was the epitome of Canadian winter. Thus I was inspired. I went home and created sparkles, silver, white, grey, all things beautiful and snow and crisp necklaces. Layered with all types of different chains and beads that sparkle and shone that matched the night time sky and the sparkle white crisp snow. I have a show this saturday, and valentines day is coming up! So stay tuned this week for some updates on the website,, for your mama, girlfriend, sister, or friend!

Here's me and a friend venturing out in the -25 degree weather yesterday!
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