Holiday Shop December 10 2010

15 days left to get your holiday shop on! You can check out this "Eye of Mine" Necklace that has
a vintage brooch as the pendant on my website by clicking here.

Hattitude is selling really well!
I updated the website again yesterday with some new winter designs!
It's great people are so in to giving unique one-of-a-kind gifts. Those are always my favourite to receive and GIVE!

We still do not have our Christmas tree yet this year...I can't wait to go get it and make the house smell like Christmas!

I asked for a one piece snowsuit this year for Christmas, yes that is correct I did say a one piece. It's snowing here, and there is a light dusting of snow still coating the ground. Maybe the cat will like to go for a walk in the snow? Probably not, since she hates getting her little paws cold.

I still only have one gift for Christmas. Nothing is speaking to me to buy for anyone this year. I pride myself on being something of a gift whisperer....and so far...nata this year. I gotta get crackin' if I want to get some good stuff for people!

Happy Holidays! And Happy Shopping!
If your lookin' for a good place to get some hot chocolate while your out and about C-mas shopping...I've searched high and low, and STILL the best place to grab a cup is second cup...forget starbucks, or tim hortons...second cup is by far the best place to get hot chocolate!