1950's....Men Came Back, Time to Dress to Impress! April 13 2010

With the war over, fashion was able to step up to a more luxurious feminine feeling. Out went the sexless garments worn during the war years. Women were able to have a feeling of euphoria as they flounced and sashayed their silhouettes in two contrasting styles, the full skirt, and the pencil tubular skirt.

My favourite part about the 50's the emphasis on the narrowness of the waist. Check out this bona-fide fashion photo to the left, from the 50's designer Tom Brigance, who stood for making clothes "appropriate for the American woman's mode of living".

I love, love, love the two part pattern to the dress. Strips on bottom full skirt, with a GREAT belt to emphasize her waist, with a floral print halter top above. I love it.

Wouldn't you just love to go out dancing in the outfit to the right? This photo is from a model wearing Christian Dior black tulip-pleat skirt, with a pill box hat, and wrap jacket in 1952. How exquisite does she
look? Again her waist is shown off with a great belt. Why don't we all walk around in pill box hats? Look how fabulous they are.

Another famous fashion designer from this era was Hattie Carnegie...I don't just love her for her name! ha She specialized in creating an entire look. This is such a great colour combo. The photo to the left is a suit by Hattie Carnegie. I love the aquamarine blue suit paired with the mustard yellow green beret!

The photo to the right is just a great photo from the 50's. The 50's had fabulous prints and fabrics, especially after the dull years of the war.

My favourite fashion item from the 1950's era, a belt to emphasize one's waist, which was definitely a must have for this decade!
What's your favourite?

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