Il faut 'skimp' pour etre chic - you must skimp to be chic April 08 2010

That quote was from Vogue in 1941, "referring to the tight, short-skirted silhouette that was ushered in that year and welcomed with horror by the public." The war years brought many changes compared to the "flirty fullness" of the 1930's, instead of womanly curves, the new fashionista's of the 1940's were sporting suits that de-emphasized their waists, and curves, and made them appear slim yet mannish. Some people say I was born into the wrong era. While my favourite time frame is the roaring 1920's, some people say I belong in the 1940's. So here are some my favourite fashion items that transpired from the 1940's.
The 1940's brought about the Siren suit. The original jumpsuit, which by the way is making a huge come back...thank you Tyra Banks?? haha. The Siren Suit performed for practicallity in times of war, with a quick zippered front and of course warmth.

Perhaps Tyra banks is taking a page from the Siren Suits these days on America's Next Top Model...what does everyone think of her jump suits? I think that they are WAY over the top, and if she wasn't a tall, beautiful babe...she could never have rocked those...

Here are my favourite key fashion looks from the 1940's.
I'm a huge fan of the high-waisted trousers. This actress, Lilli Palmer in 1946 is wearing man-tailored grey gabardine slacks. Cute as a button! I really like this look.

The Jersey shift Dress - Simple and Elegant, it was made famous by the designer Norman Norell from New York. It's shortish unstructured dress is made from synthetic jersey, a fabric often used instead of wool, which was being utilize for blankets, and uniforms etc., during the war years.
I actually think I have this dress in my closet from a vintage store... I also love her belt.

My favourite fashion iconic piece that came out of this era though, is the bolero jacket (photographed below on a 1940's mannequin) Since I like my waist the most, this style of jacket is perfect style for emphasizing one's waist. It's short/cropped and the jacket on the model from the 1940's has shoulder pads.
I would rock this style of jacket with high waisted pants, or over a strapless dress. Perfect for the spring. I would pair it with my Xena one-of-a-kind necklace since it gives high-waisted pants, an edgy, updated modern look. Plus this piece is just so unique.
Check it out by clicking here.