Break out the cowboy boots April 01 2010

Spring is kind of an ugly season...aesthetically looking that is. Clothing and fashion wise, it's one of my favourite times of years...but outside, it's just really unfortunate looking out. Spring doesn't have the beautiful gardens that summer does, it doesn't have the amazing leaf colours that fall has, and it doesn't have the crisp whiteness of the snow that winter has. Spring is brown and homely outside at this time of year...BUT it does have one great aspect that none of the other seasons have, it's got fabulous fashion trends that we've been craving all winter long, FLORAL prints! Spring has one of the best euphoric feelings mentally then any other season. We're coming out of winter long dark days, into sunny warm light days...Spring means summer is just around the corner. With the warmer weather here, I'll forgive the Spring season for being one of the more homely looking ones and embrace the fact that tomorrow it's suppose to be 25 degrees, and I'm bustin' out of my closet my purple maxi dress...So here are my

Top ten reasons I love spring….

Acid washed jean jackets

The first blue flower sprouting from the ground

Dreaming of cottage trips

Planning the first ice cream cone lick

Ruffled skirts

Beers on outdoor patios with friends

Breaking out the cowboy boots

Getting your rubber ducky boots muddy

Sunshine in puddles

Margarita weather isn’t far away

Another reason I love spring, discovering new bands, and musicians coming out of hybernation from the winter. Check out a great blog, hearintheattic, by Anna Weisen, where she talks about having a concert in her living room, by an amazing musician Megan Bonnell. What a great idea for spring, A living room concert series! Anna is a witty writer, who is as cute as button, in her vintage clothes, with my favourite dress of hers, named Rosie! ha Check out her blog by clicking here.