Get your floral on March 14 2010

Spring has Sprung. It's been raining for the last few days, none stop!

I bought some new rubber duckies this week. Navy cute tall rubber boots with a buckle. I was going to go for some bright red duckies, which were adorable...but the navy won me over in the end. My rain jacket is navy and my other rain jacket is pink and brown, so the navy seemed the right choice....but these red ones were super chic.
I'm also huge into florals for the spring. I can't get enough of tiny dainty prints of floral dresses...but I found these leggings, from, they're a big floral print, yet still uber cute. I love the description that goes with them, "You'll feel like you've been caught in a shower of flowers when you slip into these lovely, lightweight leggings! Boasting a myriad of bright bursting blossoms upon a midnight background, these silky 'petal' pushers will prod any fashionista'swardrobe into full bloom. Wear with T-strap flats, a brightly colored, belted tunic, and a floral barrette for an ensemble that will brighten any day - rain or shine!"