Etsy! February 22 2010

Finally, I am online with etsy! I have been researching and looking to get on to for months now. Last week I put my first 10 necklaces up on their site. I'm still workin' around it, figuring stuff out. It's a really neat community. If you have not heard of etsy, it's huge in the US. They have some amazing artists and unique things on etsy. I have been buying from it for a couple years now. Etsy, is sort of like an ebay, but it's for only handmade things. An artisans website for all things handmade. It's really neat. Check it out by clicking here. You can check out my site on etsy, by clicking here or

I also am working on a fashion show in Guelph. The CMESA business puts on a fashion show each year, with local artists and stores. This year they are going to have a choreographed number featuring my jewellery. Exciting!

It's snowing today, a lot! I was suppose to go to Guelph today to visit a friend, and get some new running shoes for working out...but the roads were just too bad. I am hoping winter ends soon. I miss the sun!