Where in the World is Hattitude? January 18 2010

This week Hattitude is in New York. Two lovely ladies for New Years, sported their Hattitude in New York City! Thanks for sending in your photo. You'll both be entered to win a Hattitude bracelet, which I'll post later this week! Keep sending in your photos of you wearing Hattitude around the world! Any city, any place!
New to Hattitude this week is Frequent Buyer Cards! Get a stamp on your card for every $30.00 you spend on Hattitude products. When you collect 10 stamps you'll receive 10% of your next purchase!

I've been procrastinating a little bit, with putting the new jewellery up on the website for valentines day! There are some really cute heart necklaces and love necklaces for the guys to get their lady loves. They'll be posted later this week. I am quite excited to start using my new camera though!

Band of listening choice while writing this blog, is Yeasayer, Song by them of choice while writing the blog today is Ambling Alp. Check them out.