Happy New Year...and the winner is.... January 01 2010

So today is the day I draw for a free pair of Hattitude earrings! I put everyone's name into a Hattitude bag, swished them all around, closed my eyes and drew! All the people who have sent in pictures for "Hattitude Around the World" were entered to win a pair of earrings. The winner is Sarah, who sent her photo from Budapest, Hungary! Congratulations Sarah!
Thanks to everyone for sending in their photos!
Keep sending in photos of you wearing Hattitude out and about town for a chance to win a Hattitude Bracelet!
Hope everyone's New Years was fun! Lots of new things I'm trying to start planning for Hattitude in the new year, including a frequent buyer card. I'll be posting more about some ideas this week.
I'm also in the middle of trying to decide about a camera...I want a nikon D40...but they don't sell those anymore. So the next one is a nikon D3000, but I heard they are the worst DSLR's nikon has ever made...it's so hard trying to decide on a new camera to take the best photos of my jewellery! I have about 6 days to decide before the sales end! ha, back to researching!