light box. November 02 2009 1 Comment

well I've set up my light box to take photos of my jewellery in. i will post a picture of the contraption and all the lights we have strung up around it to create the master piece. It is quite funny.
I hope to be getting a new camera when I go to NYC this weekend.

I am also in the market for a sewing mannequin to dress up outfits and jewellery on....if anyone knows of a cheap place to get a used one please advise. My aunt gave me a mannequin...but it was actually a real 1930's or 40's creepy 6 foot tall mannequin she called Ginger...She scared me and my dog every time we walked into the room. My dog would bark and bark at her. so Ginger had to find a new home at my brother's girlfriends house, who fell in love with Ginger upon first glance...haha...also Ginger had missing fingers...too weird for me. I would just like one of those sewing mannequins, nothing fancy, but they are quite expensive.
I'm off to NYC on thursday, quite excited! road tripping it down with four friends to visit a girlfriend and my boyfriend's sister who live down there. Hope to see the show stomp and a concert and maybe some dancing?
Check out my website tomorrow, as new jewellery being taken in the light box will be posted!