Pumpkin Carving and Christmas Shows October 19 2009

I went shopping for my first christmas present for a girlfriend last monday...and tonight I carved pumpkins with another girlfriend...Christmas in Halloween month??
Over the weekend it sure was cold enough to be Christmas time, I was in London and it snowed one morning! brr, chilly! I made sure to bundle up in my wool coat, mitts and hat. Today was a lot nicer though, a beautiful fall day. I took a stroll around my town while heading to the bank.

Speaking of Christmas in October, Hattitude will be for sale at the Macville school Christmas Fair this Saturday October 24th, 2009.

Hattitude will also be for sale at a "Passion for Fashion" cancer and sick kids hospital fundraiser in Toronto Safari Bar and Grill on Sunday October 25th, 2009.

Get unique and one-of-a-kind Christmas presents for your family and friends, or just treat yourself, hey, it's cold out, we deserve new accessories!

Hattitude one-of-a-kind Bracelets and unique earrings make great stocking stuffers, or an "isn't she lovely" necklace.