Hattitude Wedding Shoot October 13 2009

Hattitude has designed and created for a couple wedding custom work. I did a Hattitude photo wedding Shoot yesterday so i can start designing a brochure to hand out to wedding and bridal stores to start getting some custom work for weddings which is what i would love to start doing more of.

I love custom work, because I love taking someone's outfit and designing the perfect necklace with the neck line, colours and fabric of the dress. I also love when they are able to give me their grandmothers brooch they they want to wear on their wedding day, and make it into a fashionable custom necklace.

It's also nice when the bride gives her bridesmaid some Hattitude custom jewellery for the wedding to wear with their dresses, yet it's a great gift because they can keep wearing the jewellery with all other dresses and of course they're one-of-a-kind which is always a nice touch to give a bridesmaid!

I also have done mother of the bride custom necklace for their outfit as well as even custom bracelets and necklace's for the grandmother of the bride!
The wedding shoot was a lot of fun! Thanks to my amazing photographer and of course my models! You ladies are beautiful.
bride with her Hattitude custom bracelet and necklace and earrings. Vintage flower pendant and antique pearly pink pendant to match bridesmaids and wedding theme of pinkmatching colour and antique and vintage beads, custom one of a kind bracelets for wedding party

bridesmaid and bride with Hatittude custom jewellery for wedding

wedding party

grandmother of bride and bride custom hattitude bracelets
mother of the brides necklace and custom hattitude bracelet with brides custom bracelet and hattitude one of a kind necklace
beautiful bride to be and mother of the bride
three generations. grandmother of the bride wearing a smashing custom chain link a symmetrical over the neck custom necklace
bridesmaid sporting a custom hattitude necklace. with rose vintage flower clip on earring as pendant with small pearl antique drop with sterling silver bail

vintage earring turned into a pendant with crystal that catches the light with sterling silver bail and custom silver earrings with sterling silver posts
Hattitude custom designed one of a kind bracelets with simliar vintage beads and colours on the bride, and bridesmaids

vintage flower pendant with old antique pink earring to match bridesmaid and wedding party theme of pink. pearls incorporated. something new something old and of course one of a kind!
one of a kind vintage beads custom bracelet by Hattitude
vintage costume jewellery pearl drop beads from antique necklace earrings with sterling silver posts custom for wedding