Can't Take them off... October 07 2009

I have finally found some high waisted jeans, man they are hard to come by unless you want the cheap mondays! i even went to H and M which usually has everything under the sun, but all their pants were low rise.

Guess where I found some! WINNERS. I was just looking for jeans, and I guess I was in the 'older' woman's section and I stumbled across a pair of skinnies, so I grabbed them and tried them on, low and behold they were high waisted....and girls let me tell you I am never ever ever taking them off. What have we been doing to ourselves all these years with low rise, butt showing, hip hiking and pulling up our pants all the time...high waisted is the way to go, thank gosh they came back into fashion, because they are the most comfortable things ever. I am embracing this fade because it's just so comfy. They don't cut you, like the low rise ones do, they don't give you a muffin top, and they look super cute with all the fall frilly tops out this season tucked into them! Embrace it ladies, they are woooonderful!

I purchased some cheap mondays from karmaloop last night since I went to the mall, and no stores have any jeans that suit me! plus at aritzia where they sell cheap mondays, they're 75, online I got them for 50!

Oh also big news, I am in the process of creating an ETSY account. It is coming along. I am purchasing a digital camera today. I know can you believe I don't own one already. I've been using my boyfriends D80 for the last year, but I think it's time I purchased my own. Exciting!