Halloween October 04 2009

October may be one of my favourite months, simply for the fact that halloween comes at the end! I'm not a fan of cold weather though that October has brought this year. If I had a choice, I'd be living in Barbados from October 1st until June 1st each year. I don't fair cold weather well.

Halloween is marvelous though. This year I want to go as Eve and my boyfriend as Wall-e. If you have not seen that movie. It's really cute and definitely worth checking it out.

The best though is going to the pumpkin patch, or in our case, the neighbours farm where they grow fields of pumpkins, picking the best ones, coming home and scooping out the guts of it. I love squishing the pumpkin guts in between my fingers (is that weird?). Carving pumpkins is my favourite thing to do.

Also my Trunk Show at Body Graphics was a huge success! Thank you Body Graphics for having me for the weekend and thanks to everyone for coming! The jewellery looked so great with the clothing at Body Graphics!

Perhaps I should go to the local thrift store and pick up some overalls and make a family of pumpkin heads this year!