Timeless Thursdays August 30 2009

This week I'm featuring Jackie Kennedy. A timeless classic woman. Everyone should channel Jackie Kennedy every once in awhile for their fashion poise and tips. This photo summerizes everything perfectly. I love the sweet little bow she is wearing across her waist, as well as the pearls. I also want to bring back gloves. I adore gloves. Perhaps because my favourite era is the 1920's. I love flappers. This is a photo of me as a flapper from halloween and my boyfriend as a gangster from the 20's. Most people say though that I belong in the 40's, but the 20's have stolen my heart.
Pearls are back again this fall. Whether it's the flapper look, wearing a long pearl necklace down to your waist, but update the look with a 'Isn't She Lovely' Hattitude necklace up around your neck to give it a modern feel. This 'Violet Viola' simple, yet modern necklace with sterling silver bail and vintage pendant featured below to the right. Throw it on with a long pearl necklace. The new 'Isn't She Lovely' Line from Hattitude is great for layering necklaces!

Maybe you don't want to do the flapper look this fall, but still want some pearls in your necklace. So try Hattitude's 'Pearly Pink' necklace featured to the left.