Talk Tuesday August 19 2009

Hey everyone, My Mac stopped working yesterday on me, so I wasn't able to do the first edition of 'Talk Tuesday' feature. So I thought I would do it this morning. 
Basically this feature will be about any suggestions people have on what they want to see this fall in their jewellery, and I'll talk about what is going on in the world of Hattitude. 

Hattitude is doing a Breast Cancer Fundraiser Jewellery Show tonight. A girl is hosting a jewellery party and a portion of the sales from tonight will be donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Society. 

When someone hosts a Hattitude Jewellery party, they get the option of donating 10% of the sales to their favourite charity event or receiving a free necklaces and earrings set of their choice for being hostess, depending on the sales, the more sales, the more free products the hostess receives! It's a great excuse to have some of your girlfriends over for a glass of wine and shop at the same time for a unique and affordable piece of jewellery! 

Hattitude is also doing some upcoming trunk shows. I'll be setting up my booth in local clothing stores, so customers will be able to come in, get a great new fall shirt or outfit and match the jewellery to go with it! Easy and fun, one stop shopping! 

If your interested in having a jewellery party of your own email me. If you have any ideas on what you would love to have as a piece or seen done this fall, make a comment or email me too! 
Join my facebook group for up to date messages on shows and sales! 

Happy shopping and thanks for buying locally Canadian!