Little Hattitude in Training August 14 2009

At the farmers market yesterday, there was a little girl who had just come from a soccer game, she was adorable in her little cleats and hot pink jersey. I asked her what position she played and if she had won. She played defense and unfortunately they had lost. She starts riffling through the bargain bin at the front of the booth with her mom. She says to her mom, "there was a fish necklace here... it's not here anymore...I guess it's gone." She continues to look through the piles of discounted Hattitude jewellery from previous years. I see that she has her own little purse, and has obviously been to the market before to know that there is a fish charm necklace in the basket of old treasures. She finally digs deep enough and out comes a huge smile on her face as she has located the fish charm necklace which is pink and turquoise a perfect fit for her jersey she's wearing. 
She hums and haws over it with her mom, pleading that she really would love it. She can't be more then 8 years old, but boy when she is older is she ever going to be a little fashionista. They are a little ways a away from me in the booth, but I can tell this little girl really wants this necklace, and has been back to the market a few time searching for it, and obviously this time has brought her own little purse and is going to purchase it with her own money. I ask her what the discounted price is on the necklace. I tell her I'll give it to her for half of that. Her face lights up and she runs with her cleats trooping on the pavement over to where I am sitting, with a huge smile on her face. She proudly pulls out her purse and wallet and hands me the money. I ask her if she would like me to put it on her. I clasp the necklace on her and she gildes away with her hair in a pony tail, wearing cleats and a soccer jersey and a Hattitude charm necklace! 
It made my night that she loved the necklace so much!