100 years of fashion in 2 minutes June 04 2015 2 Comments

I absolutely love seeing videos featuring the different eras and how fashion changes from generation to generation. I'm a fashionista. I love playing dress up. I love styling and I love designing.

I can't decide which era has my heart. I think every year it changes. During university I couldn't' get enough of the roaring twenties. A couple of years ago I was highly influenced by the 1940's. Right now I'm really connecting with the 70's era. I am totally into the bell bottoms and one piece outfits and wearing scarves in your hair. I've got a lot of hair so I'm totally digging having a big head of curly hair wrapped in a cool pattern scarf. I'm also really into fringe anything.

My new Fall/Winter 2015 collection is inspired by bohemian wild child from the 1970's. I can't wait to show you the look book we're shooting in July for it. Have you seen my other look books. Click here to see last year. Don't forget to watch this fun video of 100 years of fashion. Isn't the 2005 era so funny! Maybe because I was a teenager then, but I just cringe at that fashion! 

Tell me in the comments which is your favourite era? How does one decide?