meet the designer behind Hattitude jewels July 24 2015 1 Comment

Everything in Hattie's online shop and studio is lovingly hand crafted and designed with care and detail. Every piece has a history and a story. They are all one-of-a-kind with some pieces having history as old as 90 years. Hattie specializes in custom wedding jewellery. 

Hattie Dunstan is an independent jewellery designer born and raised in Caledon, now residing in Toronto, Canada. She has been in the wedding industry for 3 years and creating her every day collection for the last 13 years. Hattie is 27 years old and 5 years ago underwent a double lung transplant that saved her life. She turned her love of fashion into this growing business. 
Everything is handmade exclusively by Hattie in her studio loft where she spends her days with her furry jewel assistants; Beau (the cat) and Melvin (the dog). 
Hattitude jewellery has been featured in the Wedding Ring Magazine, the Wedding Planner magazine, Green Wedding shoes blog, Style Me Pretty wedding blog, 100 layer cake blog and many more editorial publications. 
You can find Hattie's curly bob of hair hunting at the local flea markets, at the coffee shop reading a good book or on set styling a photo shoot. PHOTO BY SARA MONIKA

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