5 things you might not have known about me September 18 2015

Hello to all my new fans and friends out there! It's Friday introductions. I missed the last one put on by the Rising Tide Society (if you don't know what Rising Tide Society is head over here to find out a little more about this creative AMAZING inclusive community for artists and entrepreneurs) 

My name is Hattie. I run a jewellery business, creating new, modern jewellery using vintage items, old buttons, and other oddities.  Below is 5 things about me you may not have known, as well as a little about my business Hattitude Jewellery. Thanks for learning a little bit more about the lady behind Hattitude Jewels! 


5 things you may not have known about me...

1. You can usually find me sourcing outfits for a styled photo shoot

2. Reading a romance historical fiction or sci fi book (i know completly different genres

3. Headed to the cottage with my dog, cat and fiance (sometimes the car rides are NOT fun with that many animals)

4. My favourite dessert is ice cream, drizzled in maple syrup topped with chocolate chips (a childhood favourite that I have continued to enjoy, almost daily, into adult hood)

5. I have never broken a bone (not a single one...although I have had a double lung transplant! You can read more about that in this blog post

I specialize in custom jewellery for bridal parties, bridesmaids and brides. A lot of brides will have be customize a beautiful piece of jewellery for their bridesmaids as a gift on their special day. The photos below are from a bridal party this past summer. The bride outfittied her entire bridal party with jewellery as gifts, including her mom and mother in law!

Photos below by Olivia Witzke Photography

I hope you have the most amazing day! If you're a creative or artist in the wedding industry get involved at Rising Tide Society, in Toronto we meet the second Tuesday of every month. 

If you're interested in viewing more of my bridal collection click here or for my every day collection click here.