top 5 things to bring to a photo shoot November 11 2015

top 5 things to bring to a photo shoot

1. Always bring snacks - starbursts, and teddy grahams go over particularly well. Ordering pizza is also a fan (and model) favourite

2. music is SO key - it makes dancing fun, puts smiles on peoples faces and fills the silences if your creative team doesn't know each other that well 

3. bring a pair of rubber boots - sometimes thing get muddy and you have to go off roading to get the perfect shot, it's usually always worth it!

4. make sure everyone is always laughing - when people are relaxed and being themselves, the photos are effortless and beautiful

5. Dont' stress! - you could end up with hives all over your body and have to go to the hospital later that night...yes.. this did infact happen to me the day of this look book shoot! Thank goodness I have an incredible team who took over while I took to the hospital for some IV benedryl. Thanks guys! 

Here's a behind the scenes video of our 2015 look book, Field of Dreams. Thanks to my incredibly talented team for making this day possible. 


Jewellery: Hattitude Jewellery
Styling: Hattie Dunstan
Assitant Styling: Nicole McGinn
Photos: Sara Monika, Photographer
Florals: The Rose Mint
MUA/ Hair: Bridezilla Beauty
Lipstick: BY Danilea
Kimonos: Elle Mairco


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