Instagram sales Low? Here's 14 Possible Reasons January 19 2017

14 reasons why you're not making sales on instagram

1. Haven't created a relationship

Let's be real, Instagram is a fun and playful platform. If you don't build that trust, and start a relationship you're not going to get very far and you might as well market on a different platform. 

2. Haven't built trust 

Bottom line, people want to work with who they trust. Just like in person at a brick and mortar shop if you don't trust that sales person you're not going to buy from them. 

3. No curated and beautiful over all feed so people are not clicking the follow button 

You have 8 second to get people to click that follow button. Pretty feeds are A MUST

4. URL is not being utilized

It's the only clickable space on all of Instagram. Utilize it. 

5. profile isn't telling your target market who and what you do 

This is a no brainer, but SO many people under utilize this. Or they just don't know how. Trust me I was like that 18 months ago. I couldn't figure out how to make my profile work for me. 

instagram profile curated nice feed

6. No location on profile

How will people know where to find you or estimate shipping or book you for a wedding without knowing where you're based?

7. There isn't a brand presence

Who and what is behind your brand? NOT just your logo. You're so much more then just your logo. 

8. Not listing under your industry

Tell Instagram what you do so you can get found! 

9. Hashtags are not utilized for your industry

Use hashtags. They're your new best friend. They'll help you gain new followers and find like minded people! 

10. Not giving back to the community (you get what you put in)

Comment and like back! It's all about community on Instagram. That's what the whole platform was built on. 

11. No theme to Instagram feed

You gotta be more then just a few photos. What is the YOU behind your Instagram. 

12. Target market is getting lost and confused 

You're target market has got to be interested in what you're putting out. If they don't get it, you've already lost them. Be clear in your message. 

13. It's all sell, sell, sell and not enough courting future customers

Don't shoot to the masses and always be selling. No one likes that. Build trust. Build a relationship. Then sell. 

14. Dark photos that are not consistent

Light photos are proven to do better on Instagram. 


After you've read the 14 possible reasons I hope you'll look a little harder at your social strategy. I've said it once and I've said it again... Instagram is not a selling, yelling to the masses about your product type of platform. It's about selling a lifestyle. A fun and quirky way to share your life through a series of photos with your friends. Don't fight the definition. Join it. Embrace this platform and make it convert for sales for your business!


Have some questions about marketing effectively on Instagram? Or want me to take a look over your Instagram feed and branding and give ya some tips?

I'd love to help! Send me an email below




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